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Engage community members with a configurable mobile app that can be customized to reflect your community brand.

Privacy-first Digital Wallet

Your users digital pass - the wallet enables password-less authentication and personal data sharing control over any service within your app and digital ecosystem.

Consent based access control

Built on open standards and the FPX open-specification. The user-centric access network is the underlying tech that brings trusted connectivity to life.

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It’s time. Make it easy, secure & enjoyable for your community to stay tapped into your brand.

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When security and compliance is a given, you’re free to modernize the mobile experience & tap into real business value.

Do away with the technical difficulties of realizing your vision for digital connectivity by moving beyond data integration and security measures to business innovation painlessly. With the Tappd(in) Community Bundle, deliver a seamless experience that helps deliver real business value.

  • Configure an immersive, connected experience that your community wants to stay tapped into
  • Transform internal data resources into value for the community
  • Unlock value for existing and new service partners
  • Activate monetization/cost recovery models as the operator of a digital ecosystem

It’s time. Make it easy, secure & enjoyable for your community to stay tapped into your brand.

Single Sign-On

Leverage one-tap passwordless access to your digital services

On-Demand Consent

Give users control over when, where, how and who’s tapping into data sharing between digital services

Privacy & Security

Earn & keep user trust and engagement with a privacy forward experience powered by FPX

Key Features

Federated Access Network

Leverage the FPX specification as a leading privacy first design pattern that helps safely break down data silos within an organization so that it is 100% GDPR/PIPEDA compliant.

Access & Consent Enabled

Users can grant, view, and revoke consent and access to their personal data, allowing for a user experience that’s both modern and trustworthy.

100% Interoperable

Open Standards used by the Tappd(in) network ensures peace of mind. The technology easily adapts to fit with various tech stacks and resource servers.

Cross Device Compatibility

iOS/Android supported

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