Tactivo for Healthcare mobility with high security

Tactivo smart card readers provide convenient and secure mobility for organizations using smart cards within healthcare.

Tactivo for iPad, iPhone and Android devices provides high security login to IT healthcare systems and applications from mobile devices. Tactivo meets the strict requirements of organizations within the healthcare sector for mobile login through two-factor-authentification with smart cards.

Tactivo smart card readers reduces the time spent on administration, increases time with patients and contributes to enhanced information security and reduced operating costs. Together with our partners we offer complete integrated smart card solutions for mobile access to information and resources.

The Challenge

Traditionally the clinicians needed to spend a large amount of time every day to come into base to gather records and catch up with paper work - time they could have spent on patient care.

The Solution

More efficient and patient focused community care: The UK’s NHS (National Health Service) has reduced bureaucracy and increased patient care significantly by providing its community based staff with the ability to access and update clinical records convenient and securely, whilst working remotely. An NHS clinician told us how he uses Tactivo: “My ability to be out and about for the most part of the day certainly benefits my patients. Rather than having to come back to pick up information, to get addresses or phone numbers, I can be more responsive.”

The Benefits

Tactivo smart card readers provide convenient and secure mobility for government organizations using PIV/CAC cards for access to information and resources from mobile devices.

  • Safe and secure mobile access
  • Mobile Information Access
  • Tactivo Smart Card Readers

Minimising unnecessary travel time and expenses

Reducing duplication of administration

Maximising data quality by supporting paperless working

Time gained is now spent on patient care

Isosec Analytics provides real time usage data to measure success

The highest possible information security on mobile devices

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