04 March 2018

Tactivo™ transitioning to IDENTOS

IDENTOS has finalized an agreement with Precise Biometrics to take over their mobile smartcard solutions business, including smartcard readers under the Tactivo™ brand

What Does This Mean

All existing Tactivo™ customers will continue to have access to the same brand, and level of support, but will now have access to a new range of smart card hardware & software security product offerings.

IDENTOS looks forward to working with existing Tactivo™ customers and distributors to deliver the best authentication experience for their end users, while also supporting evolving business requirements with existing IDENTOS mobile security products including Encryption as a Service, FIDO Authentication, Secure Messaging, and Derived Credentials.

How Will the Transition Work

The transition of business operations will commence immediately, beginning in North America and Central Europe with remaining regions to be completed by December 31st. IDENTOS is committed to delivering the next generation of Tactivo™ products with announcements expected until year-end 2017.

Want to know more?

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