Stop mobile threats in their tracks

IDENTOS provides policies to guard data from application and device tampering

Escalated Privilege and Code Tampering

The two most foundational aspects of securing application data are ensuring that the application is running in a trusted environment and that it has not been tampered with. Devices that have been jailbroken or rooted, and apps that have manipulated binary code, allow attackers to create ‘Man in the Device’ capabilities which siphon off private data and manipulate otherwise trusted transactions.

Why Application Security

Preventing data theft and transaction fraud requires a holistic approach to security. Protecting data while at rest and in transit helps reduce mass data breaches, however ongoing verification of the device and application helps eliminate many static and dynamic attack vectors.

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service

IDENTOS security service helps protect the mobile encryption keys and your data while they are in use. The easy to use policies enable protecting by verifying the device operating system on each transaction, and also offering application integrity services like verified code signing and binary code tamper detection to protect your application over time after its been release onto user devices.

Key Features

•  Easy to manage security policies
•  A few hours of effort to establish data security
•  Jailbreak detection
•  Binary code tamper detection
•  Code sign verification
•  audit and logging events

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