Strong multi-factor identity

Use strong multi-factor authentication for secure transactions and turn the mobile device itself into a reliable hardware security appliance

The Weakest Link

Authentication is critical to ensuring the privacy and security of trusted IT systems, but the widespread use of usernames and passwords diminishes security posture significantly. Usernames and passwords provide a honeypot for attackers to target, while weak user-generated passwords are fraught with re-use, and subject to dictionary attacks.

Is Multi-Factor Authentication Critical

Single factor authentication – for example uesrname & password – is vulernable to a long list of attacks, including dictionary attacks, recycle attacks, phishing scams, and advanced key loggers. These threats make password and account breaches the most common industry threat. Implementing multi-factor authentication guards both your user and system against these threats, and provides you with higher assurance of the user’s identity.

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service

IDENTOS offers secure smart card integration for the highest level of transaction assurance, as well as convenient and easy to use FIDO products and SDK’s that turn any normal mobile application into a strong second-factor identity.

Key Features

•  Smart card readers
•  FIDO tokens & server
•  Derived credentials
•  Mobile PKI SDK

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