Protecting data where ever it goes

IDENTOS encryption protects data at all times and makes it easy for authorized users to decrypt it only when its being used

Protecting Sensitive Information

Mobile applications are tempting targets for attackers to harvest and exploit personal information, corporate secrets, and transaction data. In most cases the breaches are only discovered many months after the attack occurs, at which point most of the data is lost or has already been used maliciously.

Why Encrypt Data

Encryption ensures that your data is rendered useless to adversaries. When implemented properly, it can ensure safe storage of personal information for a lifetime, even in the event of a digital attack. Protect your data by default to eliminate mass data breaches and strengthen your compliance.

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service is a mobile encryption key management platformed designed for protecting data on the move. The easy to use developer interfaces make short work of protecting data by default and the sophisticated platform protects the keys at all times.

Key Features

•  Easy to integrate SDK for development platforms
•  A few hours of effort to establish data security
•  Strong AES 256 Bit Encryption
•  Offline support and secure key caching
•  Full logging/transaction history of data access

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