Go mobile, stay compliant

Turn mobile devices from a risk factor into a strength in your security posture

Limit your Exposure

Unsecured data and open access to services from compromised devices not only increases the attack surface, it also limits the audit capabilities required for a compliant security program, and increases the cost of forensic analysis in the event of a breach.

Why Auditing is Critical

Auditing is the foundation of a strong security and privacy program for any compliance bound provider. In the event of privacy exposure, an organizations ability to quickly demonstrate impacts via an audit will demonstrate confidence to customers and the markets.

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service

IDENTOS uses encryption to sign and verify every transaction authorizing access to data encryption keys. This creates a trusted and immutable source of auditing for compliance management, forensic analysis, and proactive threat intelligence.

Key Features

•  Compliance auditing is standard for all data
•  Audit reports are customizable and downloadable
•  Reporting on application policy infractions
•  Reporting on device tampering

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