16 February 2016

Secure Mobility for US Government

The Defense Logistics Agency and US Navy within the US Department of Defense have invested in Tactivo to secure mobile access to email and resources.

Tactivo™ smartcard readers provide convenient and secure mobility for government organizations using PIV/CAC cards for access to information and resources from mobile devices. The solution is based on the existing Common Access Card (CAC) infrastructure and adds to the overall usability of the long standing smartcard system. Tactivo smartcard readers are used in combination with Tactivo Guardian Cases for extra protection in rough environments.

There were several challenges that the DoD was facing:

– Lack of instant mobile secure access to data and resources

– Poor data quality from using paper notations

– Duplication of processes

– Lack of consistency and compliance to data security

The improvement of user experience was imminent:

– Secure and comfortable e-mail and internet access through two factor authentication (smartcard & code)

– Use of existing CAC or PIV infrastructure

– Ensures compliance using on-screen prompts and checks to prevent processes being circumvented

Our smartcard readers are proven and used by thousands of employees within the US Defense Logistics Agency and the US Navy. Tactivo can be used with a wide range of applications enabling many different use cases. Together with our partners, we offer complete integrated smartcard solutions that can be deployed in any smartcard infrastructure, such as CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC. Tactivo smartcard readers are FIPS 201 compliant, certified and listed on GSA APL.

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