Protected mobile communications

Secure chat service for mobile, cloud and desktop applications. Available as an SDK or native white labelled rich cross platform application.

End-to-End Encryption

Secured messages are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption keys, and are only decrypted while on screen

Directory Integration

Integrate the chat service with an existing Active Directory service for easy user on-boarding and privilege management

File Attachments

Configure file attachment types and keep sensitive attachments encrypted at all times with granular compliance reporting for when that data was accessed and by whom

Flexible API Structure

Take advantage of flexible REST APIs and secure SDKs for easy integration with existing infrastructure and applications

Disable & Remote Wipe

Easily disable a device or dispose of sensitive data in the event of lost or stolen devices to support a best practice security program

Logging and Auditing

Secure messaging built for compliance and administrative control enables administrators a secure, real-time auditing tool to pin point and decrypt messages at any time

Plug and Play Secure Messaging

Offer your users a secure and compliant communication channel by easily integrating secure messaging into your existing mobile applications, or by deploying a full enterprise white labelled secure messaging solution in a few short weeks of effort

Challenges with Messaging

Messaging and chat has become the go-to communication method around the world; meeting the consumer demand is part and parcel of delivering B2B and B2C applications. Enabling a mobile, real-time experience will untether professionals and ensure private information isn’t being shared or stored on 3rd party services like iCloud, Facebook, or worse.

Securing the Chat Channel

IDENTOS secure messaging is built using the security and PKI infrastructure of our Encryption as a Service platform and backed by hardware security provided by global leader in the security leader Thales Security. Built to serve professional communications as well as B2C, this product is a go-to integration for customer or patient communication inside banking, healthcare, and enterprise mobile applications.

Key Features

•  Native SDK’s and white labelled user applications
•  Real time read receipts, web hooks and API’s
•  Messages encrypted with 256 Bit AES keys at all times
•  Leverage strong two-factor authentication for all transactions
•  Active directory integration support for on-boarding
•  Available on-premise or Cloud hosting
•  Detailed compliance tracking and audit portal

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