The problem with data and privacy


Today, the use of the internet has become the primary mode for communicating with, selling to, managing and interacting with people.  The amount of personal data exposed throughout the evolution of the internet and the recent rash of privacy breaches has lead to an evolutionary change in how identities and data privacy is managed. The most negatively impacted have been citizens and their privacy.


Organizations like Facebook and notable others have suffered and lost credibility with their users and this has cascaded and involved both public and private sectors in discussing the future state of data, control, access and our sovereignty in it’s exchange. This trend has not only impacted the citizens but the trusted organizations that represent their interests. It is our core belief that people shouldn’t have to compromise their privacy to experience the world to its fullest. In kind, organizations should not be at the peril of loosely thought out solutions to maintaining the trust of their users or their communities. We believe technology plays a critical role and can solve the gap for the security of both people and organizations.

Our solution, FPX

Advancing several new modes of thinking, IDENTOS is changing the rules on how personal data is managed on the internet today by ensuring the citizen’s privacy is at the centre of designing the new data exchange model.

FPX is a pure play UMA 2.0 platform implemented with an open standard based specification that simplifies the secure and privacy-respecting exchange of information between people, and multiple resource providers and service providers.

An expansion of the current UMA 2.0 specification, FPX  enables organizations to provide people (their customers) with the ability to consistently manage the exchange of their personal data that is distributed across a single or interoperable ecosystem(s).  FPX eliminates the potential of any one participant in the ecosystem(s) from centrally collecting or distributing their personal data without the explicit consent of the data owner. In doing so, IDENTOS helps organizations, ecosystem providers, companies, industries and government agencies/services achieve the highest possible standards in data privacy that will allow them to quickly and confidently participate fully in the digital economy.

More specifically, by developing a pure play UMA 2.0 specification designed for trust, we take care of the technology layer as well as the complex privacy and regulatory systems so that you can:

Data owners

• Extract value from existing data and establish a path forward to securely monetize assets

• Unlock data exchange opportunities between disconnected trusted data centres not previously attainable

Data users

• Take control back from organizations not built to appropriately manage or protect user data

• Build Innovations and breakthroughs to create trusted user experiences for customers

• A flexible fit with various legacy systems, data centres and data lakes

Why organizations choose FPX?

• Proven success with Canadian Healthcare means we meet the highest standards of security and privacy

• A company like ours ensures organizations evolve with a future-forward platform and keeps your technology relevant and future-proof

• Interoperable and flexible to fit legacy and future applications without compatibility issues

• Simple and quick to integrate