Welcome to the future of identity and access management


Protecting your data means protecting your users. We've revolutionized data interoperability with a user centric approach to enable federated trust amongst organizations and people.


What is it?

Purpose built to put People in control of their privacy and reduce silos for a connected online experience; FPX is next generation Identity and Access Management technology, providing digital authentication,  authorization and governance to enable trusted ecosystems and complex integrations across a jurisdiction - not just inside the enterprise.



Innovate with confidence


Technology Leaders


Bolster your IDAM approach to turn data assets into an ecosystem that delights user communities with convenience and seamless integration to business partners.



Digital Product Innovators


Accelerate innovation with open standards, user centric privacy and security while enhancing client experience with privacy respecting federation.



Digital Platform Providers


Elevate the value of your platform with a hub and spoke integration pattern for data assets and ecosystem partners and a privacy respecting single user view.




Avoid vendor lock-in

Ensure digital trust with technology that is backed by open standards and built to a published specification to future proof your investments. See how.


Access management that scales

Enable rich collaboration with UMA 2.0 extensions for mobile credentials, privacy respecting federation and evolving distributed identity standards. See how.


Security meets user experience

In-step with Single Sign-On functionality, build intuitive mobile user interfaces with the elegance of frictionless security features. See how.

Trust by design

Flexible Identity

The best of federation and digital wallet technology combined to provide the ultimate flexibility and choice for an evolving online experience.

Data Protection

FPX eliminates risk. Give users intimate control so that your business can grow in the data economy and your customers can enjoy the benefits.

Distributed Ledger Ready

The FPX specification was designed to be forward thinking. Enhance your IDAM strategy today and future proof for the evolving technology standards like Verified Credentials and Distributed Identity.

See Key Features

Key features


Conformance and Compliance

Get ahead of current and future privacy legislation and compliance regulations with our technology.

Built-in scalability

Easily adapt to the size of your network, users and the number of collaborators.

Security, Simplified

FPX extends UMA 2.0 to ensure privacy is preserved through pseudonymized transactions and strong encryption, and that data is made immutable via a distributed ledger.

Federated Access & Control

Share data with a reliable standard of trust; you and other digital collaborators can federate data with your users consent. By building on leading User Managed Access (UMA 2.0) specification, you can scale to a reliable trust ecosystem while ensuring data remains protected.

Interoperable & Flexible

Seamlessly establish connections between multiple data sources for reliable and safe data exchange and integration. Capitalize on open standards such as SAML, Oauth, OIDC, and FIDO to easily integrate with existing network resources with minimal impact.

Make Data Usable

FPX unlocks untapped opportunity from consented data structures that can be monetized.


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