Identos launches Tactivo™ for iPhone 7 & 8 Mobile Smartcard Readers

Tuesday, March 13th 2018 (Bad Aibling, Germany)

As of the 1st January 2018 Identos GmbH has taken over full operations responsibility of Precise Biometrics's world-leading Tactivo™ Mobile Smartcard Solutions, including new product development, patents, trademark rights, manufacturing, sales & marketing as well as customer support.

The first product under the Tactivo™ brand developed solely by Identos is the Smartcard Reader Sleeve for iPhone 7 & 8. Very similar to the Tactivo for iPhone 6 Sleeve, its fine design and perfect fit makes the iPhone Smartcard Reader Sleeve a mobile accessory as well as a highly secure authentication solution.

As design and usability of the new Tactivo for iPhone 7 & 8 Sleeve is nearly identical to the Tactivo for iPhone 6/6S, users won't have any difficulties when upgrading to the new version.
To date tens of thousands Tactivo Smartcard Reader Sleeves are deployed globally by US Federal and DoD branches using PIV and CAC, as well as by European enterprises and governments using the Tactivo Mobile Reader Solutions with national eID and enterprise smartcards.

The smartcard (CAC, PIV or any eID card) is easily inserted and removed on the back of the smartcard reader. Tactivo can be used with a wide range of applications, enabling many different use cases for mobility within healthcare, government and enterprise business. Tactivo utilizes strong two-factor authentication by combining smartcard and fingerprint verification or smartcard and PIN code, providing secure access to restricted resources from a mobile device. In addition to the iPhone and iPad Sleeves, Identos offers a wide variety of authentication products. Fully-fledged contact and contactless (NFC) dongles for iOS and Android with the option of biometrics as a third factor in the authentication process.

“We selected Identos with its roots in the smartcard reader business and focus on mobile security as partner to us to handle the Tactivo business. The partnership is developing well. It is important for Precise Biometrics that our customers are taken care of so they can continue to operate with Tactivo and Identos demonstrates this with the announcement of this new product“ said Torgny Hellström, Executive Chairman of the Board at Precise Biometrics.

“We are proud that we managed to take over the complete Tactivo product line, including new product development, manufacturing, logistics and customer support. Also, we have managed to drive new product development for the iPhone 7 & 8 in a very short time frame. We are very committed to the Tactivo product line and will introduce more exciting products during the course of the year” explains Robert Schneider, CEO of Identos GmbH.

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