close Mike Cook CEO, North America

Mike Cook opened and has led the IDENTOS Canadian operations since it’s opening over 5 years ago. With experience managing and leading software development teams, including over a decade in the telecommunications space, Mike brings a unique vision for enabling secure digital identities in a mobile world. A computer engineer with an MBA, Mike’s strategy is to build never before seen solutions to modern day problems against a sustainable and scalable model. Mike has led IDENTOS as it has grown to a profitable, 50+ person organization with offices and staff in 5 unique locations. LinkedIn

Mike Cook

CEO, North America
close Hamid Arabzadeh Executive Chairman & Investor

Hamid is the Executive Chairman of IDENTOS and is an Entrepreneur/CEO with 20 years of experience managing technology based startups. Currently the CEO and Founder of Ranovus Inc, Hamid previously operated Core Optics which was acquired in 2010 by Cisco Networks. He is also a member of the Purple Angels network, and also operates his own incubator Spoke Technologies Inc. LinkedIn

Hamid Arabzadeh

Executive Chairman & Investor
close Joe Mayer Chief Revenue Officer

Joe Mayer is Chief Revenue Officer at IDENTOS. He is responsible for global revenue and leading commercial activities for North American market. Joe has over 15 years of digital health experience including a decade in leadership roles across TELUS Health. Joe has built, delivered and operated digital innovation for governments, military, hospitals and many other healthcare providers domestically and internationally. LinkedIn

Joe Mayer

Chief Revenue Officer
close Brion Muldoon Chief Operating Officer

Brion Muldoon has been Chief Operating Officer at IDENTOS for over 3 years. Brion brings over 15 years of experience at Bell Mobility, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications organization, where he lead customer success and operations. Brion is heavily involved in the clean and efficient execution of projects and resource management. Under Brion’s leadership, internal development practices have matured rapidly, project delivery is a smooth and prompt process, and our team has consistently grown in high calibre talent. LinkedIn

Brion Muldoon

Chief Operating Officer
close Alec Laws Chief Technology Officer

Alec Laws has led Spoke Technologies development and technology practice for 5 years and is currently IDENTOS Chief Technology Officer. Alec has 8 years of experience as a talented mobile developer and solutions architect. Alec has been the driving force and architect behind the FPX product suite and the continued planning in its build and specification publication. Alec leads a team of over 20 developers, ensuring sound development practices are followed and that our technical team is constantly learning and improving their trade. LinkedIn

Alec Laws

Chief Technology Officer
close Susan Sepa VP Customer Success

Susan Sepa is an experienced, senior health care leader with a background in nursing, management consulting, IT and health care leadership. Susan works across Canada with multiple stakeholders including front line clinicians and health care, IT, and government leaders. Her clients include Provincial Ministries of Health, Regional Health Authorities, Academic Health Science Centers, Hospitals and Community Care organizations. Throughout she is a tireless advocate for the patient safety and quality benefits of fully interoperable digital solutions that enable citizens, care providers, patients and families with seamless and timely sharing of health information across the health care journey. Susan is a member of the Digital Health Faculty of Canada, investing many volunteer hours in the development and maintenance of the CPHIMS-CA reference guide and providing instruction to candidates preparing for their CPHIMS-CA certification. Her commitment to Digital Health Leadership in Canada extends to her appointment as the President of the HIMSS Ontario Chapter for 2019-2020. In addition Susan maintains her Certified Health Executive (CHE) with the Canadian College of Health Leaders. LinkedIn

Susan Sepa

VP Customer Success
close Anik Chawla VP New Markets

As Director of Product Management at IDENTOS, Anik owns and delivers against the company product roadmap, leveraging over 20 years of software program, sales, and development experience. Previously with Ericsson, Anik served as the director of a global IDaaS sales team which secured customers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Telefonica. Anik led agile teams in building and delivering IOT-based security innovation projects including smart cities in Odense, Denmark, the Volvo Connected Car, and SIM-based security for Telenor Connexion. In addition to experience in identity and security, Anik has also lead transformation projects in IPTV across North America and headed a product unit delivering multi-messaging services to over a hundred customers worldwide. LinkedIn

Anik Chawla

VP New Markets
close Jason Owens Vice President, Western Canada

Jason Owens is the Vice President of Western Canada at IDENTOS. Jason is an accomplished Senior IT leader with over 20 years of experience in service delivery in both the private and public sectors. Combining significant capabilities in business acumen and stakeholder engagement, along with broad technical expertise, Jason effectively applies these skills to guide teams to successful delivery of high value services to clients and partners. Jason’s key strengths include digital identity subject matter expertise, service design and change management, effective communication (with teams, executive, and clients) and the ability to quickly understand and become an expert in technologies, services, and processes to lead the implementation of complex projects. LinkedIn

Jason Owens

Vice President, Western Canada
close Andrew Matthews Vice President Of Business Development

Andrew Matthews

Vice President Of Business Development
close Azadeh Mahinpou VP of Marketing

Azadeh has spent most of her career exceeding the possibilities of how digital marketing can help various companies grow. Known for looking at business and market challenges at every angle and seeing the collaborative opportunity to achieve the seemingly impossible, she’s driven by growing sustainable products and develops highly motivated, high-performance teams to work with purpose in achieving strategic objectives that supports the total marketing lifecycle for companies. Her background in tech, creative, media and leadership helps her easily identify gaps and navigate what’s needed to support teams in collectively delivering beyond what’s expected. With involvement in all facets of marketing and the product development life cycle, Azadeh brings the necessary tools and the right balance of structure, innovation and leadership to deliver in today’s demanding marketplace. LinkedIn

Azadeh Mahinpou

VP of Marketing


close Robert Schneider CEO & Investor

Robert is the CEO Founder & Investor of IDENTOS and is an Entrepreneur/CEO with over 20 years of experience managing technology companies. Previously Robert founded SCM Microsystems, one of the leading PC network security & DTV encryption technology companies providing smart card encryption hardware used around the world. SCM was taken public in both Europe and North America under Robert's leadership. LinkedIn

Robert Schneider

CEO & Investor
close Wolfgang Konwalinka Head of Product Development

Wolfgang is Head of Production & Industrialization and oversees the entire process from the conceptualization phase of a product to market introduction. He is highly efficient and an analytical thinker with extensive experience in the smartcard reader market. Previously, Wolfgang was Senior Systems Engineer at Identiv and SCM Microsystems and responsible for customer projects in the Professional Service Group. LinkedIn

Wolfgang Konwalinka

Head of Product Development
close Travis Dunn Business Development

Travis is responsible for Business Development at IDENTOS and his highly committed nature and deep technical understanding allow him to form excellent business relationships. Travis previously spent 15 years in sales and marketing roles, managing the exclusive distribution for various defense suppliers in Europe. LinkedIn

Travis Dunn

Business Development
close Armin Wachter QA Product Testing & Support HW

Armin is the QA Product Testing & Support Manager at IDENTOS and has been managing successful support, information and complaint management teams for 18 years. His down to earth manner and ability to listen, paired with in-depth knowledge of smartcard technologies and security solutions make him indispensable to the team. Armin has been in leading roles for Identiv, SCM Microsystems and Adobe. LinkedIn

Armin Wachter

QA Product Testing & Support HW