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Plug and Play Security

IDENTOS integrates in as little as a few hours to secure data and protect high assurance transactions with built-in support for privacy and compliance requirements

Mobile Data Challenges

Enabling mobile as a digital channel in B2B or B2C can sometimes challenge an organization’s need to exert control over private data, as well as ensuring high value transactions are built on strong authentication practices. Users and providers are often at odds trying to balance convenience and user experience with security, privacy and risk management. It can be difficult to properly secure data and transactions on a mobile device due to the nature of the device being on the edge or completely outside the secure infrastructure of an enterprise’s walled garden.

Securing Sensitive Mobile Data

IDENTOS Encryption as a Service (EaaS) is a mobile-first approach to data security that supports business infrastructure to deliver compliant and secure mobile applications. With an easily-integrated SDK, no specialized knowledge or training in security, encryption, or key management is required. Our innovative security platform delivers strong authentication, data encryption and the audit controls required in compliance based environments. When the right tools are in place organizations can deliver an unparalleled mobile user experience while improving security posture and compliance for HIPAA, SoX, PCI and more.

Key Features

  • Data encryption and key management
  • Data policy management
  • Derived credentials
  • Remote wipe data
  • One time password registration
  • Mobile PKI and digital identity
  • Bring your own HSM capable
  • Compliance management & audit portal

End-to-End Encryption

AES 256 bit data encryption enables advanced mobile experiences like offline use, store and forward features, and rich native application experiences secured with encryption at the end points.

Strong Digital Identity

Effortless digital identity integration to enable private key authentication and hardware security backed derived credentials for user identity management.

Digital Signing

Easily sign and verify transactions between users, maintain compliance audit trails, and eliminate paper signature processes.

Tamper Protection

Ensure applications have authentic code signing and also detect and disable user devices if tampering has taken place on the device or in the application.

Remote Wipe

Protect private information and app users with remote wipe features that provide control of data on devices anywhere in the event of a lost, stolen, or compromised phone.

Logging and Auditing

Scalable logging and auditing of all transactions and data usage. Capture access to data, failed attempts, and policy violations for a proactive security and privacy program.

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