Secure mobile smart card integration

Easy to integrate certified hardware for smart cards across all platforms

Data Encryption

Onboard secure element for trusted transaction processing that enables hardware security for applications and the ability to build end-to-end encrypted connections from the device to the backend server

EMV Certified Hardware

Leverage the best of the security industry with terminals certified for use in the payments industry. Euro, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) approved hardware to securely read smart cards for identity management.

Tamper Protection

Tamper resistant hardware design option provides the appropriate security for the highest levels of assurance with identity transactions on mobile devices

Compliant Standards

CCID Compliant, USB, and Apple MFI Certified for integration as a reader or a full service crypto-terminal across most mobile and desktop manufacturers

OEM Manufacturing & Customization

Hardware engineering and manufacturing for custom solutions, rapid prototyping, and system-integration meeting OEM requirements

Key Management

Hardware terminals can be personalized with private keys for end to end transaction protection and remote management of hardware from a central server

Plug and play security

Security hardware that integrates in minutes to deliver security and protecting sensitive data for high assurance or compliance based industries

Challenges with Mobile Data

Smart card technology is the global standard for trusted identity and highly secure transactions, and is deployed globally across enterprise, government, and network associations. The challenge presented to these existing infrastructures is how to deliver a secure environment on the mobile devices that increasingly dominate the landscape

Securing Sensitive Mobile Data

IDENTOS Crypto-Terminals offer the best of security technology in flexible form factors and with a focus on easy integration with your existing PKI infrastructure. Enabling secure mobile applications with the IDENTOS hardware products can be accomplished in as little as a few hours.

Key Features

•  Onboard encryption
•  Personalized devices with private keys to manage/control security layer
•  CCID compliant
•  EMV Certified
•  FIPS 201 compliant
•  Apple MFI certified
•  Compatible with OSX, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android platforms
•  Support for CAC, PIV, eGK, nPA, e-Card, BC Services, and other eID card infrastructures

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Crypto Terminals

ID55 FIDO Token

ID100 Card Reader

ID105 NFC reader

ID110 card & NFC reader

Custom Integrated Solutions

ID110 L Kiosk

ID500 Wall Mount Terminal

ID1000 Tablet



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