The Company

IDENTOS is the first platform as a service offering the latest in end point security, and mobile encryption technologies.

Our easy to integrate services will protect your mobile data and ensure that you’re meeting privacy and compliance obligations. The platform also supports smart card encryption and identity systems, and our mobile hardware provides easy integration for Banking, Health Care, and Government ID cards.

We protect your application data, so that you can focus on building great apps.


The Team

Robert Schneider

CEO & Investor
Robert is the CEO Founder & Investor of IDENTOS and is an Entrepreneur/CEO with over 20 years of experience managing technology companies.  Previously Robert founded SCM Microsystems, one of the leading PC network security & DTV encryption technology companies providing smart card encryption hardware used around the world.  SCM was taken public in both Europe and North America under Robert's leadership.


Mike Cook

Mike is the President and Operating Officer of IDENTOS Inc. Canada and has been managing mobile start-up companies since 2011. Mike previously spent 12 years in telecommunications roles including 8 years managing technical operations for Canada's largest broadband and IP networks, as well as 4 years leading the consumer billing and outsourced customer support teams at Bell Canada.


Istvan Czobel

Istvan is the Head of R&D at IDENTOS. As a Hardware Development Engineer he is a master of his trade: very solution focused, fast and pragmatic. Istvan has extensive experience as a hard-, soft- and firmware Development Engineer at SCM Microsystems and IBM and is a highly respected expert in the smartcard industry.


Joe Mayer

Chief Revenue Officer

Joe Mayer is Chief Revenue Officer at IDENTOS. He is responsible for global revenue and leading commercial activities for the North American Healthcare market. Joe has over 15 years of digital health experience including a decade in leadership roles across  TELUS Health. Joe has built, delivered and operated digital innovation for governments, military, hospitals and many other healthcare providers domestically and internationally.


Brion Muldoon

Chief Operating Officer IDENTOS Inc.

Brion Muldoon has been Chief Operating Officer at IDENTOS for over 3 years. Brion brings over 15 years of experience at Bell Mobility, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications organization, where he lead customer success and operations. Brion is heavily involved in the clean and efficient execution of projects and resource management. Under Brion’s leadership, internal development practices have matured rapidly, project delivery is a smooth and prompt process, and our team has consistently grown in high calibre talent.


David Bissessar

Chief Scientist - IDENTOS Inc

David is Chief Scientist at IDENTOS and is a Cryptographer with over twenty years of experience internationally. David previously spent 7 years as an expert in biometrics, cryptography, and artificial intelligence for the Canada Border Service Agency. He was also a foundational member of startups in China, as well as an expert and technical advisor for multiple international organizations.


Wolfgang Konwalinka


Wolfgang is Head of Production & Industrialization and oversees the entire process from the conceptualization phase of a product to market introduction. He is highly efficient and an analytical thinker with extensive experience in the smartcard reader market. Previously, Wolfgang was Senior Systems Engineer at Identiv and SCM Microsystems and responsible for customer projects in the Professional Service Group.


Travis Dunn

Travis is responsible for Business Development at IDENTOS and his highly committed nature and deep technical understanding allow him to form excellent business relationships. Travis previously spent 15 years in sales and marketing roles, managing the exclusive distribution for various defense suppliers in Europe.


Armin Wachter

Armin is the QA Product Testing & Support Manager at IDENTOS and has been managing successful support, information and complaint management teams for 18 years. His down to earth manner and ability to listen, paired with in-depth knowledge of smartcard technologies and security solutions make him indispensable to the team. Armin has been in leading roles for Identiv, SCM Microsystems and Adobe.


Eva-Maria Dunn

Sales, Europe
Eva-Maria is a Sales Manager through and through – she is driven and loves to get the best for her clients while never losing sight of the company’s goals at the same time. She has extensive Business Development & Sales experience in various industries ranging from government to healthcare.


Christine Brukhty

Christine is International Sales & Marketing Manager. With great intercultural skills she thrives at engaging with customers and developing marketing strategies. Prior to Identos, Christine has worked as a global marketer within the consumer electronics market for the Publicis Groupe and Pioneer Electronics in Europe and Asia.